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Spotlight on Parent Volunteers

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Spotlight on Parent Volunteers
by Lochside PAC - Friday, 21 October 2016, 7:00 PM

LEPAC is very appreciative of the many parent volunteers who have given the gift of their time to help make our initiatives and events a success.  We would not be able to support our school without the time and efforts of our parent volunteers whether it be a 30 minute shift at an event, a few minutes helping out in the classroom or library, helping out behind the scenes with technology and communications or taking the lead on a fundraiser.  We would like to “Spotlight” some of our parent volunteers and share their words on why they chose to volunteer and what it has meant to them.  Many thanks to Scarlet Yum for sharing her story.

Hi Lochside Community,

My name is Scarlet Yum and my son, Ethan, is in Mrs. Kovac's Grade 3 class.  I also have a daughter, Alexis, who is attending Grade 8 at Royal Oak.   I started volunteering when Ethan was a Roots of Empathy Baby in Alexis' kindergarten class and currently I am coordinating the Entertainment Coupon Book fundraiser.

I have found the best part of volunteering at Lochside to be the opportunity to connect with other parents, teachers and support staff.   Whether I am helping teachers in the classroom so they are able to focus on teaching our students, taking a few minutes during the day to help put away books in the Library or taking the lead in organizing a LEPAC fundraiser, I know that the time I am able to volunteer (whether it be large or small) makes a difference to our school and our children.  My children are always happy to see me helping out at school and my hope is that they will one day give their time as well.