Topic outline

  • General

    At Lochside Elementary we will promote creativity, curiosity, critical thinking and compassion so that students can become socially responsible and resilient, life-long learners. We will . . .
    * Work as a collaborative team to create a student-centred learning environment that is inclusive and safe.
    * Promote active student engagement by creating opportunities to construct meaning in a collaborative environment using inquiry/project based learning.
    * Use the principles of learning and technology to enhance students' ability to communicate effectively.
    * Focus on physical and mental well-being to allow students develop to their fullest potential and become competent learners.

     We understand that: 
               • learning requires the active participation of the student
               • people learn in a variety of ways and at different rates
               • learning is both an individual and a group process.

    Our learning community is built on the core values of fairness, honesty, respect, compassion and responsibility. Lochside Elementary provides an excellent learning environment for all students. We believe in the principles of inclusion and value diversity. Our experienced staff provide engaging learning opportunities for students with a focus on literacy, numeracy and developing a healthy lifestyle. Students who require additional support for their learning are supported by:

              • Integration Support Teacher
              • Educational Assistants
              • Learning Assistance and Reading Recovery Teacher
              • English As a Second Language Teacher