Showing gallery: Photography Club - Week 7 - Nature Photography

Nature Photography and a Rainbow Scavenger Hunt on the Lochside Trail

This week we returned to the Lochside Trail and continued practicing
Nature Photography. We were thrilled to discover many fawn lilies and one
gorgeous trillium! I challenged the students to find something natural to
photograph for every colour of the rainbow, and the club members rose
enthusiastically to the task.
Since this is my last week with the Photography Club, we also discussed an
important lesson that every photographer should have "tucked in their back
pocket" to consider throughout their career: Work for your shot. To be an
outstanding photographer you must be willing to try a variety of angles
(even the difficult ones), to wait, and to try again and again for the
perfect shot! One local example is National Geographic photographer Paul
Nicklen from Nanoose Bay, who specializes in polar environments and
sometimes waits 3 months for his perfect shot! While he is an extreme
example, the lesson is still a good one; patience and the willingness to
try more than one perspective for a shot can make the difference between a
beautiful photograph and a breathtaking one!
Once again I am so impressed by the Photography Club's enthusiasm, as well
as their thoughtful approach to their photography and to the natural
subjects that we came across on our walk. It was a wonderful meeting and I
will miss the Photography Club very much! They are well on their way to
becoming amazing photographers