Showing gallery: Photography Club - Week 4 Monochrome Photography

This week we explored monochrome photography, learning about strategies
for taking effective black and white photographs. We discussed how colour
plays an important role in how we perceive the world around us. So, when
you choose to shoot a photograph in black and white, it drastically
changes what our eyes are drawn to in the photograph. Without colour,
other elements of the photograph become more eye-catching and take on a bigger role in telling the story behind the image.

Some elements to consider while taking a black and white photograph, that
we discussed, included:

- Pattern and Texture: Detailed scenery, and interesting patterns and
textures become more exciting in black and white, as our attention is not
distracted by colours.

- Contrast: By paying attention to lighting in your photograph, you can
create amazing contrast between light and dark tones in the image. In a
black and white photograph, distinct contrast between dark shades and
bright light will help to make different parts of the photograph stand out
to the eye.

- Subjects: Black and white images are excellent for creating emotion,
telling a story, and making a photograph more dramatic. Without the
distraction of colour, our eyes are drawn immediately to the subject in
black and white photographs, whether it is a person, animal, or other
object. By choosing to photograph subjects (ordinary and extraordinary!)
in black and white, the photograph becomes instantly more focused on the
subject and its story.

The children worked hard to find patterns, textures, contrast between
light and dark, and interesting subjects to photograph, capitalizing on
working in black and white. Everyone took amazing photographs . Thank
you for your focused and artistic work, Photography Club!