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Lochside Slogan

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Lochside Slogan
by Joe Grewal - Friday, 24 April 2015, 2:04 PM

We have been looking at our school vision and trying to make it more kid friendly. In the feedback from the recent parent survey, one of the suggestions was to use language in our vision which students would understand. So we have been brainstorming with our students and today with our staff at the School Planning Meeting. Following is a short list of suggestions from staff, students and parents. Please tell us what you think by emailing  -

Great minds learning together for life.

Learn together, play together

Caring, Creating and Learning

Learn, Listen, Love Lochside

Caring, Creative and Curious

Learning together

Laugh, learn and lend a hand!

Building great minds - sharing, caring and learning together

Lochside, where learning comes to life

Building great minds

Lizards sharing, caring and learning together

Where Lizards learn, share and care

Lochside Lizards learning for life

Lochside Lizards learning for life: caring, creative and curious