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Missing Student Found

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Missing Student Found
by Kitlin Louie - Tuesday, 25 February 2014, 10:59 AM

We are sending this message which was emailed to parents yesterday. Some parents may not

have received this email therefore we are reposting via our moodle site.


Dear Lochside Parents/Guardians:

Today we had a student who went missing after school. Saanich police, staff and parents were all involved in searching for her whereabouts. This student's parents had forgotten that they had made a tutoring arrangement with a family friend. The family friend had picked up the student after school today.

The student was eventually located safe and sound and the family was happily reunited. Thank you to staff, parents and the Saanich Police who came out to assist with the search! Please remember to let the classroom teacher and the office staff know if you have made a different pick-up arrangement for your child. If we can keep everyone informed, then we can avoid these types of situations in the future. An interesting side note was that the student's Gmail and Skype account was helpful in determining who the student had been in contact with during the last few days.


Joe Grewal