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Weekly Update
by Lochside PAC - Sunday, 6 September 2020, 8:51 PM

Hello Lochside Families!


We want to touch base with everyone before next week’s return to school and hopefully some of the information and communication provided will help everyone feel at ease as we transition back to school.

We are truly grateful and lucky to have such amazing school Administrators. This has been such a strange year full of so many ups and downs and it is nice to know that our Lochside Administration are always looking out for our children’s best interests.  From March to June and again starting in August, we as Co-Presidents, have been meeting on a weekly basis with our Principal, Tom Vickers and our Vice Principal, Joan O’Leary.  These have been invaluable times where we have been able to learn what is happening in the school and district and have been able to share the parent voice on these matters.  This does not happen at every school and we are so grateful to have the parent voice valued and represented.

We also want to thank you as parents and guardians, for bringing forward your questions to us as LEPAC so that we are able to bring these forward to our admin.


LEPAC Monthly Meetings

In September, our meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 16 at 6:30 in the Lochside Gym.  Going forward, the meetings will be changing to the second Tuesday of every month at 6:30. In the past we have provided childcare. However, due to the COVID pandemic, we will not be able to offer this at this time.  We will be meeting in the gym for the foreseeable future as to ensure proper distancing and safety. We will also continue to host our meetings through Zoom for those unable to attend or uncomfortable attending in person. Meeting information will be posted prior to meetings.


School Supplies

For those who ordered their school supplies through our Monk program, they have just informed us that the school supplies will be delayed until September 16.  In the next week, we will communicate dates to pick up the supplies. Please do not worry or stress about supplies coming later than normal.  The kids will not need the supplies until this time and it is actually preferred that supplies are brought to school a bit later.


Nomination List

Due to school closures in March, our normal LEPAC AGM and schedule of events were postponed until a more stable time.  We will have our AGM and vote in this year’s executive in October. The nominations for our LEPAC exec for 2020-2021 are:

Presidents: Heather Galey & Anya Rodenburgh Yang

Vice President: Priyanka Gupta

Secretary: Brian Farrell

Treasurer: Mei Wang

COPACS: Reet Dangerfield & Leanne Turple

Wellness and Online Safety: Trish Jackson Mitchell & Susan Taylor

Volunteer Co-Ordinator: Krista Henzie

Members at large:

Members at large:

*if anyone would like to participate on the exec as a Members at large, please email us at  We would love to have you!


Lochside Facebook Page

If you have not liked our Lochside Parents Facebook page, we would encourage you to look up and take a peek, as there is a lot of great information. We post reminders of events and/or dates as well as parent education articles.  For example, we just posted a few articles with the focus of helping our children get ready for back to school and helping them manage their anxieties. To find us, simply search Lochside Elementary Parents’ Page.


Community Support

One of the amazing things about Lochside is that we are a diverse group of people who come from different backgrounds and beliefs but come together to make an amazing community.  If you are coming back to school full time this September, we are happy to have you and to see you again. If you have chosen remote learning for your family, you are a valued member of the Lochside community.  No matter what you have chosen for your family, we know you have done what you feel is best for your family at this time, we respect each others decisions and value each and every family as a member of our Lochside Community.

This year communication is more important than ever to stay connected as a community and so we are all informed.  If you have questions that you would like for us to bring forward to Admin, please feel free to contact us so we can bring them forward. Our email address is

Also throughout the year if you have questions of concerns, please always feel free to reach out to you child's teacher or Administration as they are always available to talk about any questions of concerns you may have. 

 Your LEPAC Exec