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Last Weekly Update of the School Year

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Last Weekly Update of the School Year
by Lochside PAC - Thursday, 2 July 2020, 10:52 PM

As we reflect on our 2019-2020 school year, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the efforts of all of our Lochside staff and our Lochside families.  We want to send a heartfelt congratulations to the Lochside grade 5 class of 2020 for their hard work, dedication and positive contribution they provided to our community.  Peacemakers, fun lunch helpers and cross walk volunteers are just a few examples of how they have stepped up and provided such an amazing and safe environment for all students at Lochside.  LEPAC would like to wish you all the best as you enter an exciting new stage in your life!!!

LEPAC also recognizes that not only do our grade 5 students graduate but our parents and families do as well.  We want to thank ALL parents who are 'graduating' from Lochside and moving on to their own new adventure as well.  We thank you for the countless volunteer hours such as signing up for shifts for our LEPAC events, field trips, trail walks, fun lunch, in class reading, courtyard maintenance, yearbook and so much more.  We will miss each and everyone of you and wish you the very best!

There are 2 parents that are 'graduating' this year that have contributed greatly to LEPAC's events and initiatives and we would like to extend a special thankyou.  Thank you Alysha Boss for contributing countless volunteer hours for our Lochside community.  Alysha has organized Halloween parties, popcorn days and the Holiday Book shop for the past several years.  She has also contributed her time and talents to Fill the House Food Drive, fun lunch, staff appreciation and pretty much every LEPAC initiative!!!!  If there is a need, Alysha is always willing to put her needs aside to help those around her.  Thank you so much and we will miss you!  Jodi Holland is another grade 5 parent who has contributed greatly to our LEPAC community.  Jodi had previously been serving on the LEPAC exec as a co-chair to our Health Committee for several years.  She organized, created and/or volunteered at many events such as Walk n Wheel Wednesday's/Week, Fresh to You Fundraiser, BC Fruit and Veggie Program, Unplug and Play, Screen Free Week and Games on the Green (just to name a few).  Thank you for all the volunteer time you invested into our Lochside community.  We thank you and wish you the best!

We would also like to thank Heidi Kars for organizing the yearbook this year.  The students loved flipping through the pages and seeing themselves (lol) and all their friends again.  As a parent community, we thank you for all the volunteer hours and creative effort that went into the book!!!  Great job!

We want to wish everyone a great, safe and fun summer holiday.  To those leaving we say goodbye and wish you the best! To parents returning, we look forward to reconnecting, creating new memories and riding through this new, unpredictable wave together!!!  


LEPAC Executive 2019/2020


Parents can order school supplies through Monk Office Supply, up until July 15th.  Orders will be accepted online and will be delivered to Lochside for Pick up the week of September 2nd.  This is a valuable fundraiser for LEPAC!

To order:

1) Visit and enter our PAC code: 33770C on the SHOP page

2) Add your child's grade-level kit (and optional items, if desired) to your cart

3) During checkout, pay with Visa or Mastercard and choose free school delivery


Did you know LEPAC has an account at the Bottle Depot???!!!  Yes, we do!!  Just take your bottles down to the Bottle Depot and let them know you would like to put the funds raised towards the LOCHSIDE account.  It's that simple!!!  All funds raised goes towards LEPAC initiatives.  Thank you in advance for all your support!