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Soft Beginnings Starting Monday, March 30th

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Soft Beginnings Starting Monday, March 30th
by Joan O'Leary - Thursday, 26 March 2020, 4:38 PM

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First of all, thank you to all of our Lochside students, parents and caregivers for your understanding during this extraordinary time.  We appreciate your patience. Over the past few weeks, like you, staff have paused and taken time to focus on caring for themselves and their families. 

As has been stated by the Ministry of Education and our Superintendent, Dave Eberwein, on Monday staff will turn their attention to planning. This will be a soft beginning!  Know that your teacher will connect sometime over next week to check in and say ‘hi’.  

Planning will involve learning new ways to engage with students, new ways to maintain the warmth and supportive relationships that contribute so much to students’ development, and new ways to provide meaningful learning activities that can be done at home. 

Like most things that happen in our school, we need parents/guardians to be our partners.  We are a team, and together we will all learn new things!  Ensure your child’s teacher has your most up-to-date email address as this will be the primary form of communication as we get started. 

Students and parents are likely feeling somewhat anxious or watchfully curious about what will come next.  This is a great opportunity to reinforce the ideas about growth mindset.  The question we are going to work through as a community is: 

 Can we tackle something difficult and persevere?  Yes, for sure we cansmile  

As we wait to learn more about how teachers will serve students who are at home, we encourage you to read, read, read.  We miss the students at Lochside School!  Stay healthy, everyone!

Tom Vickers and Joan O'Leary​