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Volunteers Needed - Terry Fox Run

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Volunteers Needed - Terry Fox Run
by Lochside PAC - Wednesday, 20 September 2017, 8:36 PM

Hello Lochside Community,

We are in need of some more volunteers for the Terry Fox Run this Friday September 22nd.

Set-up - 9:30am

We need parents to help set up the course prior to the run.

Fruit Cut Up 

These parents will help cut fruit during the run and distribute to the classes for the children to enjoy after their run.

Also, we are still looking for at least 1 Class Rep for every classroom.  The following classes do not currently have a Rep.

Takhar Div. 18

Miller Div. 16

Cavallin Div. 10

Bell Div.11

Hiller Div. 7

Kovacs Div.3

Seabrooke Div.1

Warrender Div.2

Gardener/Moore Div.6

Please sign up using the following link: