Teaching Staff List


To email a staff member please use first initial, followed by last name@saanichschools.ca.   

(eg Tom Vickers is tvickers@saanichschools.ca). 

The exceptions are Stephanie Kenny who is stephkenny@saanichschools.ca; Sarah Miller who is sarahmiller@saanichschools.ca; Kathleen Johnson is kathleenjohnson@saanichschools.ca and Aimee Burns is aimeeburns@saanichschools.ca.

Ms. Sherry Seabrooke

Grade 4/5 Division 20

Mrs. Heather Simpson

Grade 4/5 Division 19

Miss Sherisse Norris

Grade 4/5 Division 18

Mr. Matthew O'Connor

Grade 4/5 Division 17

Mr. Pieter Koopmans

Grade 4/5 Division 16

Ms. Chelsea Howells/Mrs. Aimee Burns 

Grade 4/5 Division 15

Ms. Prestlee Cooper/Mrs. Diane Hillier

Grade 3 Division 14

Mrs. Stephanie Kovacs

Grade 3 Division 13

Mrs. Stephanie Kenny

Grade 2/3 Division 12

Mrs. Geraldine Cavallin

Grade 2/3 Division 11

Mrs. Sandy Bell

Grade 2 Division 10

Mrs. Cathy Sihoe

Grade 2 Division 9

Mr. Matt Lurie/Ms. Cheryl Miller

Grade 2 Division 8

Mrs. Cori Coutre

Grade 1 Division 7

Mrs. Linda Whitehead

Grade 1 Division 6

Mrs. Jenni Erickson/Mrs. Lisa Alexander

Grade K/1 Division 5

Ms. Sarah Miller

Mrs. Carolin McDonnell
Mrs. Kathleen Johnson
Mr. Mark Niedjalski

Mrs. Caitlin Gunn                     

Grade K/1 Division 4

Kindergarten Division 3
Kindergarten Division 2
Kindergarten Division 1

Learning Assistance & Integration Support

Ms. Kathryn McLeay

Learning Assistance & Reading Recovery

Mme Heather Dalziel

French as a Second Language

Ms.  Melissa Cannady

French as a Second Language

Mrs. Laura Molloy

Teacher Librarian

Mrs. Henrietta Langran-Desbrisay

English Language Learner

Ms. Ashley Walker

English Language Learner

Mrs. Mara Fedrigo

Elementary Counsellor

Mrs. Lisa Alexander

K-5 Music Teacher

Ms. Jane McMullin
Mrs. Margaret Chevalier
Ms. Lynne Wanamaker

Speech Language Pathologist
District Psychologist
StrongStart Faciliator

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