Teaching Staff List


To email a staff member please use first initial, followed by last name@saanichschools.ca.   

(eg Tom Vickers is tvickers@saanichschools.ca). 

The exceptions are Stephanie Kenny who is stephkenny@saanichschools.ca; Sarah Miller who is sarahmiller@saanichschools.ca; Kathleen Johnson is kathleenjohnson@saanichschools.ca 

Mr. Mark Niedjalski

Kindergarten Div. 1

Mrs. Kathleen Johnson
Kindergarten Div. 2

Mrs. Carolin McDonnell

Kindergarten Div. 3

Mrs. Jenni Erickson

Kindergarten/Grade 1 Div. 4

Ms. Sarah Miller

Grade 1 Div. 5

Mrs. Linda Whitehead 

Grade 1  Div. 6 

Mrs. Cori Coutre

Grade 1  Div. 7

Mrs. Tara McIntyre/Ms. Cheryl Miller

Grade 2  Div. 8

Mrs. Cathy MacMillan-Sihoe

Grade 2  Div. 9

Mrs. Sandy Bell

Grade 2  Div. 10

Ms. Rebecca Leet

Grade 3  Div. 11

Mrs. Stephanie Kenny

Grade 3 Div. 12

Mrs. Diane Hillier

Grade 3  Div. 13

Mrs. Stephanie Kovacs 

Grade 3  Div. 14

Ms. Hannah Watson

Grade 4/5  Div. 15

Mr. Pieter Koopmans

Grade 4/5  Div. 16

Mr. Matthew O'Connor Grade 4/5  Div. 17
Ms. Sherisse Norris Grade 4/5  Div. 18
Ms. Chelea Howells Grade 4/5  Div. 19
Ms. Ashley Walker Grade 4/5  Div. 20
 Support Teachers & Itinerant Staff  
Ms. Katie Liebault &
Ms. Sue Robinson
Fine Arts Teachers 
Mrs. Samantha Margolus Learning Assistance
Mrs.  Melissa Cannady  Core French 
Mrs. Margaret Chevalier District School Psychologist
Mr. Andreas Clesle ELL                                                                   
Ms. Katie Liebault  Core French
Mrs. Mara Fedrigo Elementary Counsellor 

Mrs. Caitlin Gunn                     

Learning Assistance & Integration Support

Mrs. Henrietta Langran-Desbrisay

Ms. Kathryn McLeay

Learning Assistance & Reading Recovery

Ms. Caitlin Malli Speech Language Pathologist

Mrs. Laura Molloy

Teacher Librarian

Mr. Andreas Clesle ELL

Ms. Jenica Moore


Ms. Lynne Wanamaker
Strong Start Facillitator

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