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Morning Watch

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Morning Watch
by Lochside PAC - Sunday, 21 September 2014, 9:45 PM
Morning Watch will be starting Tuesday, October 7th.
Morning Watch is ONLY for student who commute to school unaccompanied.  Parents of students who are on the morning watch list, and are marked absent (not excused) by the teacher, will be contacted to confirm their absence. If you would like your children to be on the Morning Watch list, please complete the attached form and submit it to the Main Office OR send an email with the same information as on the form to  

Note: Please register even if your child was on the list last year.  
If you would like to volunteer to assist with doing Morning Watch, or would like to continue volunteering for the program, please email Carolyn Phillips at, with your name, phone number, email address and availability (ie: 3x a month; the last Wednesday of the month; etc).  The program takes a time commitment of approximately 30-45 minutes after morning drop off, one or more mornings a month.
Thank You!