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Summer Ideas For Reading, Writing & Math

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Summer Ideas For Reading, Writing & Math
by Joe Grewal - Tuesday, 24 June 2014, 2:47 PM

Dear Parents

 In the field of teaching we have a special term: “The Summer Slide."  This term refers to the fact that often our students 'slide backwards' in terms of fluency and confidence with some of their math, reading and writing skills.

 Here are some ideas and resources for you to use to support your child ... and minimize or even defeat “the summer slide!"

 In general you will want to help your child exercise the pre-frontal cortex


  • Use Reflex Math; if your child was using Reflex Math during this school year, it is available throughout the summer

  • Navigate to our homepage and use the Students tab to find Cool Math Games

  • Create a “Daily Four." This is a simple format to practice one question for each operation (at your child's level of understanding, of course). Older students can certainly add, subtract, (group) multiply and (share) divide.

  • Engage with word problems such as those available on

Reading and Writing:

  • Simply ensure your child explores and/or independently reads every day for at least 20 minutes. Older students in Grades 4 and 5 should read for 45 minutes every day

  • Encourage your child to keep a journal; you can do a shared journal by writing your response to a show, movie or book: say what it made you think about, who a main character reminds you of, what you think might happen next in the story,... Then have your son or daughter answer you in writing.

  • Require your child to ask for things via written request: Dear Mom and Dad, I am writing to you to request ... (for example) ice cream after supper. We should definitely have ice cream because...

  • Any Lochside student who was using Lexia reading this year can continue to use it throughout the summer. You will have to set up your home computer by using Mrs. O'Leary's school email:

  • For younger students, explore the reading opportunities on Bailey's Book House which is available through the Learn Now BC web site

  • You can find apps which provide great stimulation and practice of basic skills, usually by searching through google. Most are free downloads through iTunes, and many are also available for android devices. Here is a list of hot-linked apps which teachers at Lochside have put together:


Apps for Stories- most of these are free

Story Creation


Photo Books



Social Skills





Joe and Joan