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Elementary Track Meet Cancelled

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Elementary Track Meet Cancelled
by Joe Grewal - Tuesday, 10 June 2014, 8:49 AM

June 9, 2014 Dear Parents,

We are writing with regret to inform you that the Elementary Track Meet will not go forward this Thursday at UVic.  The Saanich Elementary Sports Council heard from many teachers at the participating schools over the last few days.

There were growing concerns about the safety of events running over the lunch hour when teachers are locked out from work by BCPSEA, concerns about how little time might be left for kids at their schools, and concerns about teachers being able to complete end of year tasks when their time is already severely restricted by the lockout hours.

The Saanich Teachers Association, on behalf of the Sports Council, and SD63 had been cooperating over the last month to try to keep the event going, but in the end it was not possible. As individual schools began to pull out, and it was clear that others were starting to feel the same way, the Sports Council felt it had no choice but to cancel the event.

We share your disappointment, and we are all hoping for a deal at the bargaining table as soon as possible.


Chris Lee Mark Skanks
Sports Council Saanich Teachers’ Association