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*Volunteer Appreciation Tonight & Strike Childcare info

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*Volunteer Appreciation Tonight & Strike Childcare info
by Lochside PAC - Friday, 30 May 2014, 8:27 AM
Dear Parents & Guardians,
A reminder of the Volunteer Appreciation Night tonight at 980 Shadywood Drive in Broadmead between 6-9pm.  Thanks to all those who've responded.  If you've volunteered at Lochside and would like to pop by for a drink and a nibble then please and let them know.  Thanks!

Braefoot Community Association is offering some childcare coverage on Monday - contact them at (250) 721-2244.  Saanich Commonwealth has some programming as well - (250) 475-7600.  

Classes are welcome to start discussions for parents willing and able to offer childcare and for families looking for childcare.  This would be an appropriate use of the class list! 

Have a Great Weekend.