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Fun Day - June 21 - 9AM-11AM

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Fun Day - June 21 - 9AM-11AM
by Donna Collett - Tuesday, 19 June 2012, 3:31 PM
The format for this year will be similar to previous years. There are many exciting events planned and the students will be visiting the stations they choose during the morning. Event stations will be set up first thing in the morning and students will meet in their classroom for regular attendance before being taken outside to start the events. Fun Day events will take place from 9AM to 11AM. We will have a short break at 10AM.

Please help your child be prepared for this day by ensuring they have appropriate clothing for the weather and footwear to encourage active participation. For those students interesting in trying the Slip and Slide, please ensure they have a swimsuit and towel with them. Of course a hat and sunscreen are always a good idea.

We're looking forward to having a great time with the children.