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Family Literacy Day

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Family Literacy Day
by Tracy Baartman - Thursday, 21 January 2021, 1:28 PM

Family Literacy Day is on Wednesday, January 27. It is a day, when staff and students acknowledge and celebrate the literacy activities that Lochside families take part in. Whether it be reading a recipe to cook a family meal together, playing board games or journaling special memories, all these activities support literacy development. The benefit of reading to your child are limitless but include: increased vocabulary, strengthened relationship between child and parent, and positive feelings towards learning. 

In celebration of Family Literacy Day, on Wednesday, January 27th, students and teachers have been given the option of "Dressing up as a Book Character" or bringing in their favourite book. If your child decides to dress up, please keep in mind, no masks (excluding medical masks) or weapons are permitted.  We look forward to a day of celebrating the gift of reading!