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Weekly Update - September 20, 2020

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Weekly Update - September 20, 2020
by Lochside PAC - Sunday, 20 September 2020, 11:25 PM

Before we get to our traditional thank you’s, we would like to thank all of you families, both attending Lochside physically and those who are attending remotely. The back to school transition has been quite different this year for everyone, and for our remote learners who are still waiting for it to begin. With each week we are learning more as a LEPAC about what works and how to improve. As mentioned previously, we believe that communication and community are more important this year than ever. Each week as we meet with school administration we talk about a number of things, but we also talk about ways to keep our community feeling connected. If you have ideas or suggestions for how to keep our community spirit alive for those attending school and remotely learning, please feel free to email us at


Thank You's
Thank you so much to everyone who attended our first LEPAC meeting of the year both in person and via Zoom.  The meeting, especially the technical side was not without hiccups, but we really appreciate that everyone hung in there.  

Thank you to all the people who came out to help hand out school supplies on Wednesday.  As we know nothing works without the help of others, so thank you!

Lochside Terry Fox Donation Page
On Friday the Lochside students were able to participate in a modified Terry Fox run. Instead of asking students to bring in a loonie or a toonie a Lochside donation page has been set up through the Terry Fox Foundation.  Please make a donation if you are able.

Constitution Review
Every two years LEPAC calls a Constitution Committee that is chaired by the Vice President.  This committee reviews the constitution to see if it still addresses the needs of LEPAC.  If any changes are identified they are proposed and then voted on by the LEPAC.  As a result of the most recent review the committee has proposed a few changes to the constitution. Most of the changes are to clarify the wording.  Another change is the combining of the Internet Safety Coordinator and the Healthy Schools Coordinator into one role of the Wellness and Digital Safety Coordinator.  The other change is adding a Communications Coordinator to the positions available.  To see these changes please click here or see attached document

This vote will take place at the  LEPAC AGM on October 13, 2020 at 6:30pm

LEPAC 2020-2021 Executive Nominations
The following people are nominated for the 2020-21 LEPAC Executive.  This vote will take place at the  LEPAC AGM on October 13, 2020 at 6:30pm

Presidents: Heather Galey & Anya Rodenburgh Yang

Vice President: Priyanka Gupta

Secretary: Trish Jackson Mitchell

Treasurer: Mei Wang

COPACS: Reet Dangerfield & Leanne Turple

Health and Wellness: Susan Taylor

Volunteer Coordinator: Krista Henzie

Members at Large: Tracy Wong, Lindsay Bryden, Meghan Birch

Upcoming Events

Sept 28 - Non-Instructional Day
Sept 30 - Orange Shirt Day
October 2 - Photo Day
October 12 - Thanksgiving


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