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Weekly Update - May 3, 2020

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Weekly Update - May 3, 2020
by Lochside PAC - Sunday, 3 May 2020, 10:52 PM


LEPAC would like to take this special opportunity to thank our amazing children!!!  As a parent community, we recognize their resiliency and courage of embracing their new learning environment and adjustment to our new world of social distancing.  Great job students!!!


There have been discussions within each PAC in our District on how to provide assistance to those families in our communities that may need a little extra help at this time.  COPACS (District PAC), along with the District, have been working hard on how to provide the best support to all families within our District.  It was decided that the best and most efficient way to assist all families at this time was to provide a collective effort from all PAC's.
LEPAC is proud to donate $950 worth of Country Grocer gift cards to our COPACS which will be distributed throughout the District to families based on priority of need.  We want to thank all LEPAC families who have participated in the Country Grocer fundraiser throughout the year by handing in your receipts.  Your efforts have made this donation possible.
Below is a description of what is happening in our District to help families in need:
  1. Starting on Monday, the district will deliver ready-to-eat meals to families identified by each school as being in need. These are families that previously benefited from our meals programs. The breakfast programs or lunch programs offered through the school. The meals are being prepared by Truffles catering and distributed to families by priority of need. Some PACS have offered to volunteer their time to their schools and communities, however it was determined that the best course of action was to offer this opportunity to our own employees. Our bus drivers will be transporting and delivering meals. The frozen meals will be dropped off at three main locations and picked up by parents- the remaining meals will be delivered directly to families by staff. These are 5 frozen dinners, picked up once a week. Families with more than three children are offered two weekly portions.  
  2. Again, by need of priority, the district would like purchase gift cards to local grocery stores. This would give parents and families in need the opportunity to purchase basic need items like toiletries and additional food items that are not apart of the meal program.
Thank you District for coordinating this effort.



Please email the following information to Kirsty at by MAY 15, 2020


1)            Provide first and last name of each of your children and include their grade and teachers name

2)            Indicate whether you would like to have your fun lunch funds as a credit, refund or donation. 

a) CREDIT- the amount remaining on your account will be credited to your next years fun lunch account.  Please note that your account is per family, not per child.  For example, you may have a child who is graduating from Lochside and still have another child attending next year.  The total amount will be applied to your child who still is attending Lochside next year.

b) REFUND- LEPAC will reimburse you for the remaining funds left in your family account.  All refunds will be given as a cheque and mailed

c) DONATION- a portion or all of your remaining fun lunch funds to LEPAC.  Please indicate how much you would like to donate.  All donations will go towards LEPAC initiatives.  These initiatives further enhance the educational excellence of the school and our children’s educational experience.  Some examples of past LEPAC initiatives are gaga ball courts, audio/visual system in gym, reflex math, seaquarium and musical instruments.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Kirsty at

****Please note- If we do not receive an email request regarding your fun lunch funds by May 15, 2020, we will automatically credit your remaining funds and apply them to next years fun lunch****


1)  Thrifty Cards- Yes!  You can still use your Thrifty Card when shopping.  Just load it before you make your purchase.  A portion goes to LEPAC.
2)  Country Grocer- Please continue to save your receipts when shopping at Country Grocer.