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From our Superintendent of Schools

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From our Superintendent of Schools
by Joan O'Leary - Wednesday, 29 January 2020, 10:43 AM

Coronavirus Information for Parents / Guardians (Jan 28, 2020)

 Dear Parents / Guardians,

 The provincial government has recently published a media release on the issue of coronavirus infections.  A copy of the release can be found on our district website HERE .  The Ministry of Education will continue to work closely with the Ministry of Health, local health authorities and other levels of government to ensure students and educators are kept informed and safe. Health authorities stress that it is not necessary for the general public to take special precautions beyond the usual measures recommended to prevent other common respiratory viruses during the winter period – things like regular hand washing and maintaining good general health.  If you are not feeling well or have any questions please see your health care provider, your local public health office or call 811.

For more information and latest updates on 2019-nCoV, follow the BC Centre for Disease Control on Twitter @CDCofBC or visit the website: .


 Dave Eberwein

Superintendent of Schools