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Welcome Back & Welcome 2020

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Welcome Back & Welcome 2020
by Joan O'Leary - Sunday, 5 January 2020, 12:51 PM

School Resumes Tomorrow:  Monday January 6thsmile  

We are excited to reconnect with our students and familiessmile 

A helpful theme for parents to explore as you build on the feedback and recommendations made in your child's progress report is Growth Mindset.  We have been talking about growth mindset at school because research shows that one's mindset is key to success:  growth mindset supports optimism and helps a person approach any problem and new learning from the angle of the "try-angle"!  

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  • in spite of rain we will be going outside for recess - please be sure the kids have boots, extra socks and indoor shoessmile  
  • be mindful of safety in the parking lots and on nearby roads.  No parking in the drive through lane, parked cars create a dangerous pile-up at our driveway entrance on on Royal Oak Drive.  
Looking Forwardsmile

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