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Fill the House Food Drive

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Fill the House Food Drive
by Lochside PAC - Thursday, 12 December 2019, 9:19 PM

Food Drive
Just a quick reminder that tomorrow morning is the last day we are collecting food for our Lochside families and mustard seed.  Thank you to all those that have already contributed!

Christmas Tree Wish List
We have 4 wish list items left and several requests for gift cards to Walmart left to be picked off our Christmas tree at the office.  We would love to have all wishes taken from our tree by tomorrow afternoon so everyone has the weekend to go shopping!  Thank you to everyone who has already participated.  A reminder: please drop off your items unwrapped with the tag attached to it under the tree.  We would LOVE to have all the gifts back by Monday, December 16th so we have more to organize but we will continue to accept them until Wednesday morning, December 18th.  

Thank you so much for supporting our Lochside families this Christmas season.