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Strike Update

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Strike Update
by Lochside PAC - Saturday, 26 October 2019, 5:23 PM

Dear Lochside families,

As you are well aware, the talks between the District and CUPE 411-the local union representing support staff in our district-have broken down.  The union has indicated that it intends to begin full strike action beginning Monday, October 28th at 5:45am.

The District is asking parents no to send their children to school on Monday, as the only staff in the buildings will likely be school administrators.  The Saanich Teachers' Association has indicated that its members will not be crossing picket lines in a show of solidarity with support staff.  To be prepared, parents should plan for several days of child-care.

This of course puts a lot of pressure on parents to make alternative arrangements in the next couple of days.  We understand that this may be a difficult task for many of you.  To support our parent community, LEPAC will be emailing and posting on our Facebook page, any possible child-care resources that we are made aware of.  COPACS (district PAC) will also provide us with any child-care alternatives.  If you become aware of any potential child-care resources, please email us at  Let's help each other out smile

Please remember to monitor the District Web page for news, updates and possible child-care resources:

Potential resources/ideas/alternatives:
  • The local recreation centres (Commonwealth and Panorama) are offering school closure camps.  Spots are limited and will be on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Rotating playgroups.  Several parents get together and alternate hosting playdates.
  • Teen babysitters.  Older children with training and experience in babysitting may be able to provide childcare for families with young children unable to find alternatives.
We hope this information will help our Lochside community find the support needed during this time.

Megan Mbao and Nicole Whitsitt
LEPAC Co-Presidents