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Parking Options and Safety

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Parking Options and Safety
by Joan O'Leary - Wednesday, 4 September 2019, 10:50 AM

Parking and Traffic Reminders - Please Help us Ensure Safety on our Walkways and Roadways

Safety in our parking lots and around the school is a top priority.  Follow the guidelines below and be sure to share this information with any family members and friends who will be driving your child to and from school.

For safe arrival and departure:

  • supervision starts at 8:25AM and goes until 3:10PM for Grades 1-5. You can drop off a little early and/or pick up later to avoid congestion

  • consider walking, riding bicylces or carpooling to school

  • consider taking the school bus – it’s free. Here is the link for you:

  • Allow yourself enough time to park in the immediate neighbourhood and walk the remaining short distance to Lochside. Child(ren) aged 7 and up can likely learn to walk independently and safely use the crosswalk. The crosswalk is staffed every morning from 8:10-8:40 and every afternoon from 2:45-3:15.

The FIRST map below indicates easily accessible places to park and walk, as well as approximate walking time to the crosswalk/school. NOTE: Lochside Dr. (adjacent to the Lochside Trail and back parking lot) has new municipal restrictions on parking.

The SECOND map below indicates how to flow through the parking lot. Note the DROP-OFF lane is for use to quickly stop, have the child(ren) independently hop out with their backpacks, and for you to move on. Drivers must stay in their cars.

park and walktraffic flow