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Back To School Reminders

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Back To School Reminders
by Lochside PAC - Sunday, 1 September 2019, 8:34 PM

Welcome back Lochside Parents!  We hope everyone has been enjoying a safe and fun summer!  School is just around the corner and we wanted to send out a quick reminder regarding the first week back below.  Come out at see us on Wednesday morning, we will have coffee and muffins to welcome you back! Enjoy your long weekend and looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

Lochside School Start-Up 2019 Tuesday, September 3rd   – First day of School for Grades 1-5  RETURNING STUDENTS:  Please proceed to last year's classroom at the 8:40 bell.

NEW STUDENTS TO LOCHSIDE:  Please meet in the School Library at the 8:40 bell. Our new students will be given an introduction/welcome and taken to a grade-appropriate classroom. 

DISMISSAL TIME: • Dismissal will be at 10:15. • District School Bus leaves at 10:40 • New students   should go to the office at 10:15, to be met by their parents, or assisted to the appropriate bus. Wednesday, September 4th       Grades 1- 5 students return to the classrooms they were in on Tuesday. NEW CLASSES: We hope that students will move to their 2019/20 classrooms by Thursday.  Enrolment may have fluctuated over the summer and final student placements may need to be reviewed.  We will make every effort to have students in their new classes as soon as possible.  Placements are determined carefully and thoughtfully.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.


KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS:  PARENTS ONLY NEED TO “CHECK IN” BY CALLING THE SCHOOL. Kindergarten students do not attend on Tuesday, September 3rd.  First day of Kindergarten is Wednesday, September 4th.

GRADUAL ENTRANCE FOR KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS: Small Group: Wed. Sept. 4 Thur. Sept. 5 Fri. Sept. 6 Students will attend for a 1/3rdof the school day in small groups, experiencing the start, middle and end of the day routines.  Details will be outlined in a letter sent to parents in August.  Please check with the school office if you require a reminder. Students have been placed in Group A, B or C and will attend according to schedule. 

Mon. Sept. 9th 8:35 to 11:14 am

Kindergarten students will attend as a whole class for half a day. Monday:  8:35 to 11:14 am Tuesday12:14 to 2:43 pmStarting September 11th Kindergarten students attend for the full day from 8:35 to 2:43.

Tue. Sept. 10th 12:14 to 2:43 pm

Wed. Sept. 11th Full Day

All the Best,

LEPAC Executive