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Save Around Coupon Book

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Save Around Coupon Book
by Lochside PAC - Tuesday, 4 December 2018, 9:44 PM

Dear Families, 

LEPAC has begun their coupon fundraising campaign.  On Tuesday, December 4th, each child will be provided with a letter and Save Around coupons to take home and sell.  Save Around has gone paperless and the coupon book is now only available through the Save Around Phone App.

What you get: - Pamphlet containing a sample of 20 customized local coupons 
 - Access Code for Save Around Phone App (to use the mobile coupon book that travels with you).
Cost:  $20

Deadline:  Please return payment & order form, or unpurchased coupons, no later than Monday 17th December.  

Kind regards, 
Liz Matthews