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Weekly Update - Oct 21, 2018

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Weekly Update - Oct 21, 2018
by Lochside PAC - Sunday, 21 October 2018, 9:05 PM


A HUGE Thank You for the amazing Harry Potter Halloween Dance that was held on this past Thursday!  We hope that you all had a magical night of fun and community. We wanted to take time to give a special Thank You to Alysha B, Nicole P and Nicole W for planning, organizing and making this evening a reality, along with their many helpers: Kirsty H, Lynn-Rae M, Nicole T, Yoshiko, Shannon A, Jan M, Jane W, Barry K, Megan M, Stephanie K, Jen T, Courtney W, Heather R, Krista H, Jeni N,  Chelsea K, Leanne T, Brenda G, Jamie S, Devin H, Kim W, Amber P, Sarah D, Marissa C, Heather G and Eva C.


Thank you as well to all of you who signed up for a shift or two to make the evening possible, and for those who brought cupcakes for the cakewalk!


Thank you to Anni Joe for helping distribute apples last week that we received from the BC Fruit & Veggie Nutritional Program



Grade 5 Fundraising

Anyone interested in fundraising to reduce the cost of the Camp Thunderbird field trip for the grade 5's please email Lynn at:



Fresh To You Fundraiser

Get your BC fruit and veggies here!  In partnership with the BC School Fruit & Vegetable Nutritional Program, LEPAC is selling veggie/fruit bundles to raise money for our school and to support the grade 5 Camp Thunderbird trip.  Please see the attached order form for more information. Orders are due October 22nd. If you are able to help unload and assemble our produce delivery (date in November to be confirmed), please email


Upcoming Events

Fresh to You Fundraiser due - Oct 22

Photo Retake - Oct 24

Fun Lunch (Pizza condensed) - Oct 26

Wacky Hair Day - Oct 31

Fun Lunch (Sushi & Pizza) - Nov 2

Early Dismissal (1:46pm) - Nov 6-8


Thrifty Foods Smile Card

Country Grocer - Save-A-Tape

SPUD Fundraiser: