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FIRE DRILL on Mon. Sept. 24/18

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FIRE DRILL on Mon. Sept. 24/18
by Lynne Wanamaker - Sunday, 23 September 2018, 11:55 AM


Please Note:  

Schools have an ongoing duty/responsibility to regularly practice emergency drills (fire; earthquake; lockdown) throughout the school year.  StrongStart practices these drills when the school does.  Some drills are known to staff, others are surprise drills.  

There will be a fire drill on MON. SEPT. 24 at 11:00 a.m.  The fire alarm bell will sound in the halls.  We immediately exit to the outside through the door beside the sign in area.  Do NOT go to your car!  Gather the child(ren) you came with and walk quickly (leaving all belongings behind, NOT stopping to put shoes on if they have been taken off) to the meeting area behind the school and all the way across the width of the school's large, grassy field.  Drills are timed so we must walk quickly and immediately to the meeting space.  We remain in a line until receiving the "okay" from the Principal to re-enter the school.  This is typically about a 15 minute drill from the bell sounding to returning inside.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.