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Message from the Superintendent: Dave Eberwein

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Message from the Superintendent: Dave Eberwein
by Erika Moser - Monday, 3 September 2018, 12:17 PM

Superintendent's Blog - The Power of Why

Please consider visiting our Superintendent's blog site,  Dave Eberwein uses this opportunity to reach out directly to staff and parents in Saanich Schools to share his views on a variety of topics including education, leadership and his professional passions.   Dave believes strongly in the importance of a strong public school system -- one which has a continual focus on renewal and innovation.   He has recently written his back-to-school blog that discusses the importance of moving beyond the status quo.  You can also choose to sign up for automatic email alerts to his posts which will come out regularly during the school year.

A Blog about Education, Leadership and My Passions - Dave Eberwein