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Summer: Tips and Best Wishes

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Summer: Tips and Best Wishes
by Joan O'Leary - Thursday, 5 July 2018, 10:25 AM

Happy Summer to All!


a few suggestions to maintain academic skills over the summer.

Here are some ideas and resources for parents and guardians to use to support your child(ren).


• Use Reflex Math; if your child was using Reflex Math during this school

year, it is available throughout the summer

• Create a “Daily Four”. This is a simple format to practice one question for

each operation (at your child's level of understanding, of course). Older

students can certainly add, subtract, (group) multiply and (share) divide.

• Engage with word problems such as those available on

Reading and Writing:

• Simply ensure your child explores and/or independently reads every day for

at least 20 minutes. Older students in Grades 4 and 5 should read for 45

minutes every day

• Encourage your child to keep a journal; you can do a shared journal by

writing your response to a show, movie or book: say what it made you think

about, who a main character reminds you of, what you think might happen

next in the story. Then have your son or daughter answer you in writing.

• Require your child to ask for things via written request: "Dear Mom and

Dad, I am writing to you to request ... (for example) ice cream after supper.

We should definitely have ice cream because..."

• Any Lochside student who was using Lexia reading this year can continue to

use it throughout the summer. You will have to set up your home computer

by using Mrs. O'Leary's school email:

Here is a list of hot-linked apps which offer some worthwhile activities - from reading to social skills to exploring musical instruments:

Alphabet and Letters

Letter School

Writing Wizard

Wee Sing

ABC Ninja

Endless ABC

Photo Books


Little Story Maker

Story Maker


Social Skills

Social Express

Going Places

Between the Lines 1 and 2

Emotionary by Me.Mu

Vocabulary, Music, miscellaneous

Amazing Match

Mini Adventures Let's Go

Mini Adventures Music

Virtuoso- keyboard

Doodle Dandy

Toca Boca

Apps for Stories

I Like Books

Story Time

BB Magic Lite


Alice Lite

Sleeping Beauty Story Creation


Take care everyone. We are looking forward to seeing you again in Septembersmile

Ms. Moser and Mrs. O'Leary