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Weekly Update - May 6, 2018

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Weekly Update - May 6, 2018
by Lochside PAC - Sunday, 6 May 2018, 10:41 PM


LEPAC would like to thank our Health Committee (Jodi Holland, Tina Lazaruk and team) for organizing our 'Screen Free' week initiative this past week as well as their 'Games on the Green' and  Unplug & Play programs. What a great way to promote a healthy Lochside!!! Fabulous job everyone!!


May 16th is LEPAC's AGM and general meeting.  You don't want to miss our meeting in May! A few things on our agenda for the AGM will be:

1) voting in our new LEPAC executive and

2) voting on our revised constitution for LEPAC

Our general meeting agenda will include:

1) further discussion regarding the motion that was passed to reconsider how LEPAC will spend $16,000

Important Notice

As per our LEPAC's Constitution and By-Laws, the executive shall advertise expenditures greater than $500 in a LEPAC newsletter that are not already in the approved budget.  A vote shall take place at the next General Meeting.

A motion was passed at our general LEPAC meeting held on April 18th to present an expenditure of $1500 that does not exist in the approved budget.  The executive is requesting that $1500 be spent to send 3 exec members as representatives of LEPAC to the BCCPAC's AGM and Conference held in Vancouver.  The cost includes hotel, conference fees, and food. A vote to approve or oppose this expenditure will take place at our next General Meeting on May 16th.

Volunteer Prize Draw

The winner for this week's Volunteer Gift basket is Susan Taylor. She has volunteered for the Teacher Appreciation event, the Holiday Student book fair, the Lochside Halloween party, the Fall Scholastic Book fair and is the Class Rep for Mrs. Cavallin's class. She also helps out at most Fun lunches. Susan has two sons: Riley in Grade 2 and Liam in Grade 7 at Royal Oak Middle School. Susan's  hobby is doing the circuit weight training class at Commonwealth Rec centre and camping with her family where they love to hike, swim, explore and just enjoy being together as a family.


Thank you Susan for all of the time you give to Lochside to help make it a great school!



Fun Lunch Feedback

The fun lunch team are looking for your feedback! Did you know that the fun lunch program is LEPAC's biggest fundraiser? It is a win win for our school - the students love fun lunch day, parents get a break from making lunches, and we raise funds to support field trips, buy musical instruments and host artists in residence among other projects. Please help us plan the fun lunch program for next year by completing this short survey.

Scholastic Book Fair

The Scholastic book fair is around the corner. In fact, it is this Friday May 11th, as well as Monday and Tuesday of the following week, May 14th and 15th. This beloved event encourages reading for our children, as well as, contributes new books to the school library. We need a few more volunteers to make it a complete success. If you can sign up for a shift or two please click on the link below.

Volunteer Call-out

We are looking for a volunteer to cut the grass a few times in the courtyard over the next 7 weeks.  Maybe once by May 15th and another time by June 20th. We are also in need of a volunteer to do maintenance on our bbq's.


Any one who is able to help out on this activity please email

Way2Go Campaign

sland Health has launched the Way2Go! Campaign and Contest to encourage your students to actively travel to school.  Students can join the Way2Go! social media and poster competition May 7-17 for a chance to win great prizes!

Parents can let us know their thoughts on active travel in our survey. We encourage you to include these surveys in a parent or school newsletter! Survey results will be shared with project partners and school districts. The link is below.

Parent survey

Upcoming Events

May 8th- Kindergarten Orientation (9:00am)

May 9th- Popcorn Day

May 10 - Games on the Green: 8am on the school field

May 11 & 14-15 - Scholastic Book Fair

May 16 - LEPAC AGM and general meeting from 6:30-8:00pm

Sundays - Unplug & Play 1-3pm @ McMinn