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Welcome Back Everyone Spring 2018

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Welcome Back Everyone Spring 2018
by Erika Moser - Sunday, 1 April 2018, 5:07 PM

Important Messages:

Photo Day:  Thursday April 5th

Parents and Guardians: We recently concluded a consultation process on the topic of security and safety with respect to doors being unlocked during the school day. The consultation took into account input from LEPAC, staff, our district facilities manager, and our school police liaison officer. As of April 3rd, the sunspace doors, accessed from the side-yard of the school that faces the Lochside Trail, are locked throughout the school day. In the morning at 8:35, at lunch recess and afternoon recess, student helpers will be holding the doors open, with adult supervision, to facilitate access into the school and classes.

Please do read our April newsletter that we have attached to this post.