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Parking Lot Safety

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Parking Lot Safety
by Kitlin Louie - Monday, 11 December 2017, 11:18 AM

An Important Message re:  Parking Lot Safety for Parents and Guardians.

*  It is essential that parents and guardians take extra time and drive
   carefully when dropping off & picking up students at school.  
*  Please pay close attention to the Drive-Thru and Drop-Off Lanes and ensure that students
    are crossing the parking lot in a safe manner. 
*  Please DO NOT STOP right at the front of the Drop-Off Lane just as you enter the parking
    lot.  Doing so will cause traffic (and the school bus) to backup onto Royal Oak Drive. 
*  Please DO NOT leave your vehicle unattended in the Drop-Off lane while dropping off/
   or picking up your child/ren.

Thank you for your continued cooperation!