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Possible case of Measles - NOT CONFIRMED

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Possible case of Measles - NOT CONFIRMED
by Kitlin Louie - Tuesday, 30 May 2017, 7:33 PM

Message from Principal Erika Moser:

We want to update you on the situation that is ongoing with one of our students, in one of our classes. The communicable disease nurse (CDC) has contacted the school today, to inform us that we presently do not have a confirmed case of measles in the school. All Kindergarten families were alerted as a precautionary note. It will be the Communicable Disease program that offers direction once a diagnosis has been confirmed by them.  We will update you when we receive any more information from CDC if there is or if there is not a confirmed case.  A good general resource for communicable diseases is: 
A Quick Guide to Common Childhood Diseases:
Please do feel free to connect with the Peninsula Health Unit or any other public health nurse if you wish to receive any more information and the BC health Link: for more information.

Erika Moser