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Kindness Month

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Kindness Month
by Denise Jones - Thursday, 23 February 2017, 5:24 PM

It is Kindness Month at Lochside! Your student may have told you about our Assembly last week, where the teachers dressed up as ants and taught us that "team-work makes the dream work!" Today our class created mini-posters that had free positive thoughts attached for the taking. As decided by the group, these have been placed around the school, to be available to as many people as possible. 

A big thank you to everyone that helped with our hugely successful Royal BC Museum and IMAX field trip on Monday! Students have been making connections in class to what they saw at the museum all week.

As we continue our Canada focused Social Studies unit, we have found a class in Whitehorse to be pan-pals with! We learned about Whitehorse last week through studying maps, watching informative and promotional videos, and analysing images. Whitehorse is beautiful, and many students decided that it is where they want to live when they grow up! We will begin writing our letters next week. 

Have a great weekend!

Denise & Aimee