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    Our Lochside Courtyard

    We have been working in the courtyard with our Grade 3 classes including Ms. Norris & Mme. Sanders' Grade twos, since September. We are also working with "Mr. Organic" (Dave Friend) and his Growing Young Farmers program.

    In October we planted broccoli, swiss chard, garlic, rapini and mizuna from 'starts' as well as some edible flowers. The students got to taste the fresh, organic vegetables occasionally as they were growing. At the end of April we harvested much or our 'crop' and enjoyed a delicious stir fry with rice!! The students LOVED IT and were quite excited!

    We have now planted radishes, lettuce and peas from seeds and we are enjoying watching them sprout in our classrooms. When the weather warms up we will plant these seedlings outside.

    In the meantime, we continue to weed in order to prepare the beds for planting.

    May 2012
    Our radishes, lettuce and peas have now been planted into the garden and we also have a number of tomato plants that were started in the greenhouse area at North Saanich Middle School. These were started from seeds which have traveled to space and back!!

    The students recently learned about 'lasagna gardening' from Mr. Organic, and we have 3 lasagnas 'cooking' in the courtyard with spaghetti squashes planted on top. These lasagnas can be grown on any surface, and we are thankful that these ones are helping us tame some of the weeds!! Hopefully we will be starting another couple this week.

    Mr. Organic is offering one week summer camps where kids grow health-friendly organic food and have fun swimming, playing games, feeding farm animals and visiting organic food gardens. This is in association with The Roost and Panorama Rec center. For more information call Panorama at 250-656-7271 or their website at

    June 2012
    We have started 2 more lasagna gardens with zucchinis and tomatoes growing in one and check to see what will be planted in the 5th one....?? We harvested a few radishes already and our lettuce is ready to use as well.