Topic outline

  • General

    Improving student engagement in learning is one of the goals outlined in Lochside’s 2010- 2013 School Plan. Students are engaged in their learning when they are actively involved in their work, they devote time and effort to their work and when they see relevance in their work and they make personal connections.
    • Engagement

      Things that contribute to engagement include: •students believing they are good at school and are competent •students being motivated to learn - intrinsic motivation is most powerful •students feeling socially connected - feeling respected, that opinions are valued and that someone cares about them At Lochside School learning activities are planned and designed to: •make activities interesting and relevant to students’ lives •offer choices to students •ensure that students are active in their learning •challenge students Staff at Lochside School care about students, have high expectations for students and work to build positive and meaningful relationships with students.
      • Links

        Here is a link to a Website for mentoring boys. Check out the January Newsletter for ideas on how to help regulate emotions at school. There are also other good tips and ideas for raising boys. The site is targeted for parents of boys, but of course the ideas are good for all children!!