Topic outline

  • General

    Improving student achievement in math is one of our school goals this year. Parents can learn more about the expectations of math curriculum at each grade level by clicking on the Learning Outcomes link below. Once you have clicked on the link below, scroll down to your child's grade level.
  • Free Apps

    A series of free apps have been developed by UVic mathematics teacher-educators Tim Pelton and Leslee Francis Pelton. They have published six different MathTappers apps on the iTunes store that teach and reinforce basic math skills through interactive, easy-to-play games. You can learn more about MathTappers by clicking on the link below and downloading it onto your iPhone or iPad.
  • Basic math facts

    Basic math facts are critical in ensuring that children are ready to improve their skill and confidence in learning math. Memorizing basic facts in a rote manner is not as helpful as helping children learning them in a meaningful way. The key is to focus on strategies for figuring out each of the basic facts. The link to Trevor Calkins' page Power of Ten is a great starting place.
  • Games

    Snakes and Ladders is a simple board game with the straightforward objective of racing the player's token from start to finish with dice throws. Similar to the brand-name board "Chutes and Ladders" marketed by Milton Bradley, Snakes and Ladders owes its inspiration to a similar game in 16th century India. This is a great game for helping students to count and become familiar with numbers up to a hundred.